Mark Ross

National Sales Director

Mark Ross


Mark has been working with Live on Stage/Matt Davenport Productions for over 10 years.  His current roles are National Sales Manager with Live On Stage and Sales Agent with Live Arts and Attractions, which are sister companies of MDP.  Mark received a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Belmont University in Nashville, TN with a focus on Music Business and Marketing.  He immediately began his career on Music Row and worked with artists such as George Jones, Trace Adkins, Patti Page, Waylon Jennings among others.  With a professional background in Marketing and Publicity, Mark works with artists to develop their brand and image.  He also leads a team of sales representatives to book national tours for artists from many different genres.  When Mark is not racking up his frequent flier points traveling across the country, you can find him spending time at the Ross Compound with his wife and two girls.  Mark’s favorite Ari Gold quote is, “You’re most important product is heat.  I don’t represent talent.  I represent temperature.” – Ari Gold.  (The Gold Standard)

Unofficial Title:

Hard Rock Czar

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