Loren Fleishman | Creative Producer

Production Manager

Loren Fleishman | Creative Producer


Loren lights up the stage as a performer and is the very definition of a Go to Girl behind the scenes of production. Originally from Central Pennsylvania, Loren has firmly planted her roots in Nashville and takes advantage of everything the city has to offer! With a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Shenandoah University, Loren’s performance experience has taken her to professional theatres such as The Lost Colony, on fields dancing for the PIFL, and in the studio as a Choreographer/Instructor. As a Dancer currently signed with Fresh Talent Group, she has worked with top notch companies such as Harley Davidson and CMT. Also working in the Nashville Theatre Community, you can find her on the Original Cast Recording of Minnie Pearl: All the News from Grinders Switch. A working professional in all aspects of the industry, Loren brings a fresh look, loads of charisma, and undeniable hustle to everything she does!

Unofficial Title:

Rhinestone Cowgirl